For a long time, Irene Bittner lacked the courage to fully dedicate herself to her passion and pursue art as her profession. Even as a child, the Swiss artist allowed her creativity to flow freely and continues to derive strength and joy from her artistic work today. It was only after an enlightening trip to America, where she crossed paths with artist Flora Bowley, that Bittner gained the necessary courage and confidence in her own abilities to finally take the leap of opening her own studio. Since then, the artist has showcased her works in numerous national and international exhibitions, deeply touching the hearts of many viewers.

Bittner seamlessly combines figurative aspects, geometric shapes, and abstract elements in her vibrant and captivating canvas works. Her paintings convey a profound narrative that evokes deep emotions and stimulates the imagination. She describes her creative process as intuitive and takes pleasure in the tactile sensation of the velvety paint between her fingers. Often, she writes her thoughts and feelings directly onto the canvas or incorporates natural elements like ferns, spikelets, or a potato carved into the shape of a leaf to give her creations organic forms.

Her multi-layered works resemble a colourful spectacle in which the viewer can completely lose themselves. With skillful use of different forms and vibrant accents, the artist successfully guides the viewer's gaze through the artwork, creating an atmospheric experience. One becomes a participant in a colorful journey into their own innermost being, where the artist consistently surprises with thrilling and unexpected details. The interplay of these details, the unrestrained brushstroke, and the multifaceted approach imbue Bittner's art with profound depth. Her paintings captivate and inspire, revealing the beauty in the overlooked little things that encompass us in our everyday lives. 

The hectic pace of everyday life and the flood of information make it difficult to find inner peace nowadays. Intuitive painting has revealed a whole new world within me, where I can truly let loose. Thoughts and feelings can be expressed and shaped within a "safe framework." It turns us into alchemists of our own unique experiences while also providing us with the tools to make these experiences visible to the world. Now, I have the courage to follow my intuition, my inner voice, and share this joy and love through my art.


Irene Bittner