Exclusive glimpse into my colorful world


Do you feel like painting again, breaking free from everyday life, and letting your intuition guide you for a day? Discovering something new? I'll take you on a creative journey and accompany you individually, step by step, into intuitive painting. The process helps you turn your senses inward and gives space for the inner dialogue to unfold. We'll work at the easel, expressing ourselves with hands, brushes, and other tools, using stencils, high-quality paints, and sprays. While the paint layers dry, there will be time for breaks, a walk in the forest, or, upon request, a Yin Yoga session. The program will be tailored to your needs.

Private course (1 person), including a canvas (80 x 80 cm), high-quality paints from the brand Golden, various painting supplies, snacks, and a vegetarian lunch. I can also cook vegan or gluten-free upon request. The course takes place in my studio in Goldau.


1 Day:     Fr. 640.00

2 Days:  Fr. 1200.00


Upon request, I also offer intuitive painting for couples, families, or groups.